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Federal Standard 1037C

Federal Standard 1037, Glossary of Telecommunication Terms, was initially published in 1980 to provide Federal departments and agencies a comprehensive source of definitions of terms used in telecommunications and directly related fields by international and U.S. Government telecommunications specialists. ITS was tasked to update the standard to revision C and published Federal Standard 1037C in 1996.

Federal Standard 1037C was superseded in 2001 by American National Standard T1.523-2001, Telecom Glossary 2000,  published by ATIS. The current version of the ATIS Telecom Glossary is available at http://www.atis.org/glossary/.

The only archival records of this series maintained by ITS are copies of the CD containing Federal Standard 1037C as released in 1999 (revised to add a search capability). To obtain a copy of the CD, please email us at info@its.bldrdoc.gov and provide a postal shipping address.