Institute for Telecommunication Sciences
the research laboratory of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration

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Contact Us

The Institute is located at: 325 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80305-3337.

We are interested in your comments and questions.
Please send e-mail to: or call us at: (303) 497-3571

Staff Listing

Office of the Director (ITS.D)

Eric D. Nelson, Director (Acting)

Joseph "Joey" Miller, Admin

Research Operations

Bryan Gamble, Research Operations Manager

Telecommunications Engineering, Analysis and Modeling Division (ITS.E)

Julie E. Kub, Division Chief

Amy L. Weich, Admin

Spectrum and Propagation Measurements Division (ITS.M)

Eric D. Nelson, Division Chief

Amy L. Weich, Admin

Telecommunications and Information Technology Planning Division (ITS.P)

Angela McCrory, Division Chief (Acting)

Amy L. Weich, Admin, (303) 497-3562

Telecommunications Theory Division (ITS.T)

Michael G. Cotton, Division Chief

Amy L. Weich, Admin