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the research laboratory of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration

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Contact Us

The Institute is located at: 325 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80305-3337.

Contact ITS at: (303) 497-3571
Monday-Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. U.S. Mountain Time.

We are interested in your comments and questions.
Please send e-mail to:

Staff Listing

Office of the Director (ITS.D)

Brian D. Lane, Director (Acting), (303) 497-3484

Tamara L. Borchardt, Admin, (303) 497-5725

Executive Office (ITS.D)

Brian D. Lane, Executive Officer, (303) 497-3484

Amy L. Weich, Admin, (303) 497-3562

Information Technology (ITS.D)

Sarah L. Vasel, IT Manager, (303) 497-4549

Amy L. Weich, Admin, (303) 497-3562

Telecommunications Engineering, Analysis and Modeling Division (ITS.E)

Julie E. Kub, Division Chief, (303) 497-4607

Michelle Cordova, Admin, (303) 497-5353

Spectrum and Propagation Measurements Division (ITS.M)

Eric D. Nelson, Division Chief, (303) 497-7410

Amanda K. Porter, Admin, (303) 497-5707

Telecommunications and Information Technology Planning Division (ITS.P)

Andrew P. Thiessen, Division Chief, (303) 497-4427

Michelle Cordova, Admin, (303) 497-5353

Telecommunications Theory Division (ITS.T)

Michael G. Cotton, Division Chief, (303) 497-7346

Amanda K. Porter, Admin, (303) 497-5707