facsimile (FAX)

facsimile (FAX): 1. A form of telegraphy for the transmission of fixed images, with or without half-tones, with a view to their reproduction in a permanent form. In this definition the term telegraphy has the same general meaning as defined in the Convention. [NTIA] [RR] 2. The process by which fixed graphic images, such as printed text and pictures, are scanned, and the information converted into electrical signals that may be transmitted over a telecommunications system and used to create a copy of the original, or an image so produced. (188) Note 1: Wirephoto and telephoto are facsimile via wire circuits. Radiophoto is facsimile via radio. Note 2: Technology now exists that permits the transmission and reception of facsimile data to or from a computer without requiring hard copy at either end. Note 3: Current facsimile systems are designated and defined as follows:

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