link: 1. The communications facilities between adjacent nodes of a network. (188) 2. A portion of a circuit connected in tandem with, i.e. , in series with, other portions. 3. A radio path between two points, called a radio link. (188) 4. In communications, a general term used to indicate the existence of communications facilities between two points. [JP1] 5. A conceptual circuit, i.e. , logical circuit, between two users of a network, that enables the users to communicate, even when different physical paths are used. Note 1: In all cases, the type of link, such as data link, downlink, duplex link, fiber optic link, line-of-sight link, point-to-point link, radio link and satellite link, should be identified. Note 2: A link may be simplex, half-duplex, or duplex. 6. In a computer program, a part, such as a single instruction or address, that passes control and parameters between separate portions of the program. 7. In hypertext, the logical connection between discrete units of data.

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