Biography: Robert J. Matheson, NTIA/ITS, U.S. Department of Commerce. Robert J. Matheson was born in 1939. He attended the University of Colorado and received a BA in physics in 1961 and a Masters degree in electrical engineering in 1968. Mr. Matheson has been with the Institute for Telecommunication Sciences (ITS) and its predecessor agencies within the U.S. Department of Commerce since 1957.

Mr. Matheson was the lead engineer when NTIA began to monitor the Federal use of the radio spectrum in 1972. The high automated mobile Radio Spectrum Measurement System (RSMS) made extensive measurements of aggregate signals in Federal radio bands, as well as detailed technical measurements on a wide variety of Federal systems, and resolved numerous EMC/interference problems. He was awarded a 1986 Department of Commerce Silver Medal for his work with the RSMS.

From 1988 to 1991, Mr. Matheson served as deputy director of ITS and directed the work of the Spectrum Division. Since 1991, Mr. Matheson has been working on technical spectrum use issues, including papers on spectrum efficiency, projections of spectrum requirements, technology forecasting, and spectrum property rights. A recent internal paper examined spectrum property rights with respect to prospective rules needed to permit very flexible use of radio frequencies. His most recent report, "Spectrum Usage for the Fixed Services," details the present U.S. use of some 30 fixed services microwave bands and predicts their future growth rates.

Recent selected papers by R. J. Matheson:
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