ISART 2020 • 5G Spectrum and a Zero-Trust Network
Synopsis of Panel and Workshop Topics

The structure of ISART was quite different in 2020, thanks to the challenges and benefits of virtualization. We are excited to rise to the challenge of virtualization by combining lots of real-time interaction among panelists with in-depth plenary talks, and using highly interactive Q&A tools. We are also committed to ensuring that there is plenty of opportunity for the discussion and networking that has always been a hallmark of ISART. Please check back often for more details as we continue to refine the agenda.

Monday Morning: Setting a Baseline

Monday, August 10, from 9 to 11 a.m. the “tutorials” on the current state of 5G will be streamed; registered participants will also have on-demand access to the tutorials a few days prior to the opening of the symposium. There will be a live Q&A on Monday morning after all the tutorials. By offering the tutorial materials both on the first morning of the conference and in advance, we hope to allow participants to engage at their own pace with these presentations and materials that are aimed at setting a common baseline for the discussions to follow with respect to:

While each of these topics could merit a full conference themselves, the intent of the tutorial is to provide an overview sufficient to establish a common baseline from which participants can comfortably engage with the technical panel discussions that follow.

Monday Afternoon: Setting the Stage and Keynote Speaker

We will open the main body of the Symposium with a discussion among representatives from the co-hosts: NTIA, NIST, and the University of Colorado, who will set the stage for the panels and discussions on the following days, and a keynote address from Dr. Lisa Porter, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, who is spearheading DoD efforts to operate in zero-trust network environments.

Tuesday Morning

Tuesday morning will feature a panel of experts from government, industry and academia diving deep into what zero-trust means within the spectrum world and the known risks that exist today at the intersection of 5G NR (New Radio) and zero-trust networks. Recognizing and naming the risks and vulnerabilities extant in the radio layer is crucial to identifying areas for research and developing solutions to better secure the spectrum relied upon for 5G services.

Tuesday Afternoon / Wednesday / Thursday

The core of the rest of the program revolves around four panels and several technical presentations that explore how to meet and overcome the identified risks and the challenges of securing spectrum and the radio layer for future wireless systems.