International Symposium on Advanced Radio Technologies (ISART)

ISART Past Programs

ISART 2017: Spectrum Mining at Millimeter Waves • Digging for Capacity
2017 Speaker Slides

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ISART 2016: Spectrum Forensics
2016 Speaker Slides

Panel Descriptions

ISART 2015: Measurements, Models, Simulations, and Technologies for Improved Spectrum Sharing
2015 Speaker Slides

Panel Descriptions

ISART 2012: Developing Forward-Thinking Rules and Processes to Fully Exploit Spectrum Resources Case Study 2: Real-Time Federal Spectrum Sharing
2012 Speaker Slides

2012 Proceedings

ISART 2011: Developing Forward-Thinking Rules and Infrastructure for Spectrum Sharing and Conservation— Case Study 1: Radar
2011 Speaker Slides

2011 Proceedings

ISART 2010: Spectrum Sharing Technologies
2010 Speaker Slides

2008 Speaker Slides

2008 Proceedings

2007 Speaker Slides

2007 Proceedings

2006 Speaker Slides

2006 Proceedings

2005 Speaker Slides

2005 Proceedings

2004 Speaker Slides

2004 Proceedings

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ISART is jointly sponsored by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration's Institute for Telecommunication Sciences and the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Communications Technology Laboratory.
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