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Guide to Defining Video Quality Requirements

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Revised May 29, 2012
Section 8 of 9 of step 2 -- Generalize Use Cases into Use Classes -- in the bar chart highlighing the 4-step process for definfing video quality requirements.

Generalized Use Class Questionnaire

Apply the Generalized Use Class Questionnaire to each use case you defined to translate them into generalized use classes where two or more use cases constitute a given use class.

Your agency or organization might have more than one use case associated with its mission. Carefully define and analyze each of your use cases to determine the overall most restrictive use class. For example, if police and fire departments are sharing a video system, officers might need to recognize individuals with high-level detail, while firefighters might only need to recognize the presence of smoke. In this case, the police department has a more restrictive use case. Right-click Generalized Use Class Questionnaire to save or download this one-page PDF form file.

  1. Print a copy of the form for each of your use cases.

  2. For a given use case, consider each generalized use class aspect listed on the left side of the questionnaire, and check just one box for each.

  3. Repeat step 2 for each use case.

  4. Group use case forms for which the same boxes are checked.

  5. Each group represents a generalized use class.

  1. For a given use class, get recommendations for video requirements by inputting checkbox answers in the Recommendations Tool for Video Requirements.

  2. Repeat step 5 for each use class.

  3. Use the Recommendations Tool to guide your video requirements decisions.

In the left gray-shaded area of the questionnaire below, click a generalized use class aspect to jump to more information.

Generalized use class questionaire.