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Peter B. Papazian; Yeh Lo; Elizabeth E. Pol; Michael P. Roadifer; Thomas G. Hoople; Robert J. Achatz

Abstract: Wideband impulse response measurements were made to characterize proposed radio data channels in three indoor environments. The measurement system employed a 1.5 GHz carrier which was biphase shift key (BPSK) modulated using a 100 Mb/s pseudo-random code. By using a correlation receiver, the channel cophase and quadphase responses were measured and stored for later processing. Data processing included calculation of delay spread, correlation bandwidth (BW), and signal attenuation. The raw data are stored in binary form on tape and disk for further indoor propagation channel studies.

Keywords: impulse response; attenuation; propagation; radio; wideband; delay spread; BPSK; channel response; correlation bandwidth; indoor

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