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Programs Available through TA Services

Overview of what is available on TA Services.

  • The following programs search the FCC database:
  • AM_FIND - Search the FCC AM database
  • FM_FIND - Search the FCC FM database
  • TV_FIND - Search the FCC TV database
  • TOWER_FIND - Search the FCC TOWER database

    The following programs perform propagation studies:
  • CSPM - Communication System Performance Model
  • COVERAGE - Communication System Coverage Model
  • RAPIT - Radio propagation over irregular terrain
  • AM_CSPM - Import from FCC AM data base to CSPM
  • FM_CSPM - Import from FCC FM data base to CSPM
  • TV_CSPM - Import from FCC TV data base to CSPM
  • HFBC - HF Broadcast Coverage Model

    The following programs examine terrain effects:
  • PROFILE - Terrain Profile Program         Try the web version of PROFILE.
  • SHADOW - Terrain Shadowing analysis Model
  • HORIZON - Radio Horizon Determination
  • HAAT - Height Above Average Terrain Determination

    The following are utility programs:
  • INMOD - Intermodulation Interference Model
  • DOWNLOAD - Down load an output file to your computer
  • CSPM_PLOT - Replot a CSPM file with/without modifications
  • PRICE LIST - Examine the TA Services Price list (may be out of date)

    Other areas of program development:
  • PCS - Personal Communications System Models
  • HDTV - High Definition Television
  • Millimeter Wave - Millimeter wave models
  • IVHS - Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems (ITS)
  • GIS - Geographic Information System Models

    Software Available:
  • ICEPAC/VOACAP/REC533 - HF Propagation (2-30MHz)
  • ITM - Irregular Terrain Model (Longley-Rice) (20MHz - 20GHz
  • IF-77 - IF-77 Wave Propagation Model (Gierhart-Johnson) (100MHz - 20GHz)