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Video Research Staff

Margaret H. Pinson has over twenty years of experience in video quality research. (read more)

Vqeg 2010_441

Margaret Pinson (left), VQEG 2010


Arthur Webster has represented U.S. interests on national and international standards bodies since 1994. (read more)

Sg 9AW2011_300

Arthur Webster (2nd from left)

ITU-T Study Group 9, 2011

  • Chairman of ITU-T Study Group 9
  • Founder and Co-Chair of VQEG
  • Twenty years of experience in video quality
  • Project leaader of the International Standards project and the Multimedia project


Andrew Catellier is a researcher with expertise on both video quality and audio quality. (read more)

William Ingram works on a variety of tasks relating to video quality, audiovisual quality, and public safety video quality.

The video quality project occasionally hires student interns. We are only able to hire U.S. citizens who are enrolled in a college degree.