Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG)

VQEG Downloads

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Files pertaining to VQEG can be found on the anonymous FTP sites below.

VQEG Tools and Subjective Labs Setup

The main goal of the VQEG Tools and Subjective Labs Setup support group is to provide the research community with a wide variety of software tools and guidance in order to facilitate video quality research.

VQEG Image Quality Evaluation Tool (VIQET)

The VQEG Image Quality Evaluation Tool (VIQET) is an objective, no-reference photo quality evaluation tool. VIQET is an open source tool designed to evaluate quality of consumer photos. In order to perform photo quality evaluation, VIQET requires a set of photos from the test device. It estimates an overall Mean Opinion Score (MOS) for a device based on the individual image MOS scores in the set.

VQEG Subjectively Rated Datasets

VQEG has made the following datasets available freely for research and development purposes. The other VQEG datasets cannot be redistributed due to licensing restrictions on the source video content.

VQEG Tutorials

Tutorial for Objective perceptual assessment of video quality: Full reference television:



VQEG is Co-Chaired by: Margaret Pinson, NTIA/ITS and Kjell Brunnström, RISE Research Institute of Sweden AB
The VQEG website is hosted by ITS