Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG)

Immersive Media Group (


Quality assessment of immersive media, including virtual reality, augmented reality, stereoscopic 3DTV, multiview


Baseline quality assessment of today’s systems

Subjective test methods, presentation requirements, and quality of experience guidelines 


Light field processing also called plenoptic (e.g., interactive refocusing, changing point-of-view)

Systems with and without feedback (in response to the viewer's actions):

Displays ranging from small devices to theater screens

Multiview technologies, including full parallax


1. Collaboration with ITU-T SG12, Question 13

Aa first draft of the proposal for collaboration between VQEG-IMG and ITU Q13/12:

2. 3DTV Subjective Methods

Project leadMarcus Barkowsky 

The goal is to define suitable methodologies for subjective quality assessment of stereoscopic 3D video:

This project was instrumental in the development of ITU Recommendations ITU-T Rec. P.914, P.915, and P.916.


The immersive media group is the successor to the 3DTV group.

Co-Chairs: Phil Corriveau, Jesus Gutierrez and Zhenzhong Chen

VQEG is Co-Chaired by: Margaret Pinson, NTIA/ITS and Kjell Brunnström, RISE Research Institute of Sweden AB
The VQEG website is hosted by ITS