Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG)

The JEG Hybrid Group is an open collaboration working together to develop a robust Hybrid Perceptual/Bit-Stream model. The JEG has developed and made available routines to create and capture bit-stream data and parse bit-streams into HMIX files. Efforts are underway into developing subjectively rated video quality datasets with bit-stream data that can be used by all JEG researchers. The goal is to produce one model that combines metrics developped separately by a variety of researchers.  

Questions should be sent to the JEG Hybrid Co-Chairs Marcus Barkowsky,  Glenn Van Wallendael, and Enrico Masala.

Participants are invited to develop subjective rated video datasets to be shared.

Participants are invited to contribute components that will be combined into the final model. Ideas for modules that can be researched and combined into this JEG Hbyrd model include:

VQEG is Co-Chaired by: Margaret Pinson, NTIA/ITS and Kjell Brunnström, RISE Research Institute of Sweden AB
The VQEG website is hosted by ITS