Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG)


Kjell Brunnström, (Acreo),, Christian Timmerer (ITEC), Deputies: Alexander Raake (TU Ilmenau), Lukáš Krasula, (Univ of Nantes), Alexander Raake,


  • Collecting and producing open source immersive media content and data set
  • Establishing and recommending best practices and guidelines
  • Collecting and producing open source immersive media tools
  • Survey of standardisation activities
  • To uphold the liaison relation with VQEG, inform both QUALINET and VQEG on the activities in respective organization, and promote collaborations on other topics i.e. form new joint teams

How to join

E-mail reflector:

In order to subscribe in mailing list, you simply have to send an (empty) email to and follow the steps of the e-mail being received. The instructions can also be found


See our Google Doc for a list of interested participants and their capabilities.


VQEG is Co-Chaired by: Arthur Webster and Margaret Pinson, NTIA/ITS and Kjell Brunnström, Acreo
The VQEG website is hosted by ITS