Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG)

Statistical Analysis Methods (SAM)


Improve analysis methods and understanding of subjective experiments.

Improve the statistical analysis of objective media quality predictors/models.

Working Methods

We have biweekly conference calls on Monday at 17:00 CET. The actions and minutes from those meetings can be found in this document. Please check the document to validate when is the next call and what software is used to call in.

Zhi took the time to prepare a github repo where he deposited his code (in Python) - here is the link:


The SAM group addresses problems related to how to better analyze and improve data quality coming from subjective experiments and how to consider uncertainty in objective media quality predictors/models development.

The long-term goals are:

The mid-term goals are:

The short-term goals are:





VQEG is Co-Chaired by: Margaret Pinson, NTIA/ITS and Kjell Brunnström, RISE Research Institute of Sweden AB
The VQEG website is hosted by ITS